For some time I have been engaged with using the camera as an art tool. I hope to push the photographic medium, closer to the far more mature and developed art of painting. I have been working consistently on a personal, experimental and unique process of art. Presenting images derived from photographically captured found objects. I start off with traditional film capture techniques, giving me a wide range of options, and later develop the images digitally. I retain the integrity of the photograph, then push the image towards painterly abstraction, emphasizing composition and formal qualities. I apply a 'for its own sake' approach more related to modern painting than photography. I feel most recent photography, is predominantly limited to the narrative, and is often hindered by the need to be technically correct. In contrast I see photography, as being in a kind of infancy as a purely expressive and very accessible force.

My work strives to extract and reintroduce almost human and refined forms, from everyday mechanical objects, found on any urban roadside. Final images are selected from a vast number of photographic variations. I take thousands of photographs, and the final presentations are an intensively worked selection. I base my work on exploring new ideas and concepts, within set technical constraints, embracing an essential need to surprise myself at every stage. This is a positively obsessional, and very long term, ongoing working process, rather than a project with any fixed starting and ending point. There is often a kind of incompleteness that I embrace, placing priority on the potential, above a finished object. I question the value of something finished. Therefore, Images are always in series. In my work process, I am trying to encapsulate a range of complex emotions and experiences from different times, rather than trying to capture and present a special moment. There is also an important element of entertainment about the images, in preference to any intense serious or political messages. It is my hope that the photographically originated image might one day reach the status of an abstract painting, rather than remain limited to a lesser record of an event.


Usually when we take a photograph there is some kind of reasoned intention. But there is a set of secondary reasons that exist when we see something. I always choose to capture images of things that are in some way out of place, or in a different and unfamiliar setting. How often I have said ‘What’s that doing there?’ It is important to consider the surrounding elements and spaces as part of the object. When I take a picture I am concerned that the object is not the intention, or importantly, that the object might actually get in the way of any intention. taking me away from what I am familiar with, eventually in a positive way. Intentions are vague and always a much bigger concern. The captured object is internalized, adjusted and re-represented with an assigned quality or subject which makes the original photographic captured image no longer evident and almost, but not wholly unimportant. For me a photograph or a painting alone could never be enough.

Images are printed to the highest possible standard on archival fiber paper in limited editions of twelve. Standard Image size is 15.25 x12.2 inches.

Brendan A. Linane

Attended Saint Martin’s school of Art, and completed post-grad. Fine Art at Chelsea school of Art, London 1977. Exhibitions since 2005 include: Four Seasons Gallery, F Stop Gallery, On Art Gallery, Zen Gallery, Sheraton Art space, Camden Gallery, Koi Art Gallery, and more recently: Three Shadows Gallery, Beijing, Tianjin Port Museum, China. ‘Dream and Life’ expo Wuhan China, China Art Expo, Songzhuan Art Expo Beijing, Songzhuan Museum Beijing, Han Tianheng Art Museum, Shanghai and GM Gallery 798 Beijing.





有一段時間我一直嘗試著把照相機作為一種藝術工具,希望以此推動攝影媒介的發展,因為它更接近成熟和發達的繪畫藝術。我一直嘗試著個人實驗性藝術,在攝影物體圖像的基礎上,對其進行加工繪畫。我從傳統的膠捲捕捉的技術開始,這給了我很廣選擇範圍,並且在之後發展了數位影像。我保留完整性的照片,然後對其進行繪畫抽象地處理,強調組合感及其之前的攝影圖像的固有特點。我用 為了自己”'方法,這更接近現代繪畫而不是攝影。我覺得最新的攝影,主要受限於敘事,這也受到影響技術本身要求正確性的阻礙。相比之下,我認為攝影,有著一種初生階段可供使用的純粹表現力量。






圖像列印在品質很高的纖維紙上,限量12張。圖像的標準大小是15.25 x12.2英尺

Brendan A.Linane


展覽2005年起:四季畫廊,F 停止畫廊,On 藝術畫廊,禪畫廊,喜來登藝術時空,卡姆登藝術畫廊,Koi藝術畫廊。 最近展覽:三影子藝術畫廊,京津港口博物館,夢想和生活中國武漢博覽會,中國藝術博覽會,北京宋莊藝術博覽會,北京宋莊博物館  北京,韩天恒美术馆,